Erin Eckman - Visual Artist

Erin Eckman was born on the Washington state coast, grew up in New England, ventured south in her teens, and has been a Charleston, SC resident with her family for more than a decade. A self-taught artist, Erin has enjoyed collaborating with many local artists, galleries, and groups on a variety of projects.

Artist's Statement

My artwork is the culmination of ideas that I would otherwise have trouble putting into words. The subject matter is typically an exploration of something that spikes my curiosity, often with a tinge of the absurd. I sift the symbolic aspects of the subject through many filters until I've gained a better understanding and raised a few new questions. My choice of mediums is instinctive, and becomes part of the question and response process. I frequently turn to mediums with which I feel the most versatility; acrylic, pastels, pencil. The resulting work is typically a narrative born out of stream of consciousness.